Sofar Sounds

This is a somewhat unorganized rant on the subject of Sofar Sounds. 

I've had the pleasure of participating in three events through a global community called Sofar Sounds. They are a musical movement, hosting intimate concerts in living rooms around the world. nlike most preforming experiences, the artist has the opportunity to perform a short set for a lighted room of entirely QUIET music lovers. !

Newsflash!!!!!!… most venues, even performing arts centers, do not provide the same opportunity because the performer/audience relationship is never that intimate. 

I’ve had qualms with “performances” before, within many genre types. Sometimes performances can be circus-y. Calculated. Emotionally reserved. Perhaps even a situation where the audience feels alienated. Maybe that's what some people want!? However, my main intention is to communicate, share my art, and offer some kind of message. The most rewarding moments I've had as an artist are the ones where someone approaches me and tells me that I've made their life better, or that I've helped them see something more clearly.  

With an experience like Sofar Sounds, the opportunities for sharing and communication are endless. You sit right in front of someone who is listening to your every word, feeling your every harmonic move, and thus truly committing themselves to your musical moment. 

We are all afraid of vulnerability. To go to a concert these days is a social outing- much more than an intimate experience listening to an artists who moves you. Quit being boring, guys.

I wish we would all treat live music performance like Sofar does. I’m sure some of you reading this are not hearing anything new, but for those of you stricken with guilt- just remember that people need art! No need to be weird about it. Go ahead and let it in. Be vulnerable with us! Commit to that shared moment! In today’s world it is harder than ever to be emotionally present and raw. I challenge you.

I love Sofar Sounds! Artists love it! Audiences love it! It's like the most beautiful symbiotic relationship I can think of within the world of performing. Sofar is old school. Sofar will save us all. They truly set the stage (more like a living room corner) into a safe space where we can do things like change the way you think about something, or make you respond emotionally. Or even create tension… go ahead and hate my song! It's a two way street so we should all be in this thing. Let art serve it’s purpose and be enriching! I really appreciate the insight that Sofar Sounds has given to me. I encourage you to sign up for Sofar Sounds today. Get invited to a secret show in your hometown, and experience unedited creativity! Art!

pic of me at Sofar Sounds basking in the quiet and the love

pic of me at Sofar Sounds basking in the quiet and the love